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Worldwide Salary Survey for Licensing, Compliance and SAM Roles

The UK based recruitment consultancy MerlinCorp have kindly shared the results of their 2011 Worldwide Salary Survey.

Paul Davis at MerlinCorp is to be congratulated for taking the time to specialize and get to know the UK SAM and software licensing market. Unlike other IT recruitment firms Paul knows the territory, the terms and the key personalities in the UK SAM Channel.

The results illustrate the discrepancies in worldwide salaries for the same SAM and licensing roles. If you are questioning your value in an organization and wondering if you are being paid a competitive rate – I hope this data provides some food for thought. The difference in salaries in also comparable to SAM maturity in the different countries i.e. in my view Australia has a more mature SAM market than USA.

Paul has a LinkedIn Group here.

Survey Highlights

Examples of specific job roles and average salaries (in order from highest to lowest salary)

Licensing Consultant

  • Belgium £88,323 (100,000 EURO)
  • Australia £49,096 ($75,000 AUS)
  • UK £45,000
  • France £44,161 (50,000 EURO)
  • USA £22,529 ($37,000 USD)

SAM Manager

  • Australia £81,827 (125,000 AUS)
  • UK £70,000
  • Sweden £55,643 (63,000 EURO)
  • USA £45,500 ($75,000 USD)
  • Ukraine £15,898 (18,000 EURO)

License Compliance Manager

  • USA £75,923 ($125,000 USD)
  • Belgium £57,410 (65,000 EURO)
  • UK £51,000
  • Canada £46,796 ($75,000 Canadian Dollars)
  • India £14,156 ($23,250 USD)

 Licensing/SAM Sales Executive

  • Australia £67,243 basic £17,384 commission (102,500 AUS & 26,500 AUS respectively)
  • UK £40,130 basic £35,324 commission
  • Brazil £54,801 basic £16,440 commission (90,000 USD & 27,000 USD respectively)
  • USA £37,143 basic £6,111 commission (61,000 USD & 10,000 USD respectively)

Other Findings

  • 31% of the responses came from the UK
  • The country’s most satisfied with its salaries were Denmark and Belgium where all respondents said they were satisfied.
  • The countries least satisfied with its salaries were Germany, Portugal, Ukraine, India, Russia and Brazil where 97% of respondents said they were paid too little
  • 55% of UK and Australia participants were satisfied with their salary
  • 83% of Canadian participants said they believed they were paid at the right level
  • 60% of USA participants were also content with their salary
  • Highest salary results came from Australia (average basic salary £65,358 = $100,023 Australian Dollars)
  • Lowest salary results came from India (average basic salary £12,897 = 945,537 INR)
  • UK, US and Canada were in the middle with some European countries being paid slightly more, some slightly less
  • SAM experts with the most experience came from Canada where the results were averaging 6.8yrs of SAM experience
  • SAM experts with the least experience were from Russia and Brazil, each averaging 2yrs of SAM experience
  • Licensing experts with the most experience were from the USA and Canada both averaging 9.4yrs of Licensing experience
  • Licensing experts with the least experience came from Sweden and were averaging 3.1yrs of Licensing experience


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  1. I disagree about the reason for the (supposedly) higher salaries in Australia, and that the Australian market is more mature than the UK market. In fact, I couldn’t disagree more.

    In my experience, IT Asset Management (and SAM) are not high on the radar of most Australian organisations, and not a high priority in IT departments. SAM in Australia is driven by licensing reviews, and thus many of the people working in the industry here are licensing specialists turning to SAM, rather than people with long term IT Asset Management and SAM experience. I’d say the reason for higher salaries is demand for the experience and not that many people with the skills. Those in the market now can probably demand reasonably high salaries because there aren’t too many people doing SAM.

    Perhaps it’s time to be applying for a SAM job! 🙂

  2. Ricardo Novo says:

    Paul et al,

    I would be interested to know the difference between a SAM Manager & License Compliance Manager? Are we suggesting that the title implies a difference in pay ?

    Are the responsibilities different ? Should that not be an ITAM and a SAM manager would have different salaries due to the obvious scope of each role?


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