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License Analyzer: Entry Level Licence Management

Microsoft has used its Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto earlier this month to herald License Dashboard Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions. The firm has recently announced the launch of License Analyzer, a new “entry level” licence management product aimed at organisations taking their first steps into software licence management.

A Single Source Of SAM Truth?

License Analyzer provides what is purported to be an “intelligent” software licence inventory. The concept being, in theory, to provide organisations with a ‘single source of truth’ for collating, monitoring and managing all software licences purchased across their enterprise.

How does it work?

The firm details its product’s operation by saying that it works to collate all of the information relating to an organisation’s software licences in a central location and intelligently aggregates it into a unified view of all licence entitlements.

“If your organisation doesn’t have a comprehensive license management solution in place, the chances are you are over-spending on software by around 20 per cent. At the same time, you now face a greater risk of a software audit than ever before. By proactively managing software licences, you can reduce both costs and risks as well as ensure that users across the organisation have legitimate access to the software applications they need. With the launch of License Analyzer, organisations of any size can take their first steps towards effective software license management by having a unified view of their license entitlements,” says Matt Fisher, sales & marketing director, License Dashboard.

Licence Management For Virgins

License Analyzer is said to be an ideal product for organisations that have never reviewed their licensing position before and is priced accordingly to allow any organisation to take its first steps towards effective software license management.

“As a reseller we are very excited by License Analyzer because its low cost of entry opens doors that would otherwise have been closed to us. Once an organisation sees how straightforward it is to consolidate their licensing position with License Analyzer, we find they are more open to implementing more comprehensive software asset management programmes,” said Ian Ellis, head of sales at Phoenix Software, a License Dashboard partner.

Presented in a single console, License Analyzer works to support the rapid upload of license records to the automatic validation of entitlements, intelligent aggregation of licenses to full management reporting suite.

Key features include:

  1. Import and centralisation of software licences: License Analyzer offers four import options for centralising and consolidating software licences
  2. Vendor-specific dictionaries: With vendor-specific software dictionaries updated every single day (supporting nearly 10,000 vendors and more than 350,000 applications), License Analyzer stores software licences and validates them as well – ensuring that recorded entitlements are in-line with software vendor’s catalogues and conditions.
  3. At-a-glance license position: License Analyzer collects all individual licenses into a single, centralised location – it also has the ability to automatically aggregate licence entitlements (by both organisation and business unit), giving a full picture of the organisation’s overall licencing position.

License Analyzer is available now as an annual subscription with three pricing tiers dependant on the software licencing dictionary chosen (Microsoft only, Microsoft & Adobe, or All Vendors).

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  1. Stefnils says:

    ->  (supporting nearly 10,000 vendors and more than 350,000 applications)

    Not correct – according to License Analyzer homepage ( it is 50.000 applications!

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