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Increasing your chances of a favourable audit settlement

In this video, Brian Ross Global Audit Director of Veritas Technologies, talks to us about increasing your chances of a favourable audit settlement by maintaining a positive and productive relationship with your vendor. Brian explains that the key is to involve all internal organisational parties from the start of the audit process to avoid delays and frustration on both sides.



Brian will be leading a workshop session at both our UK and USA conferences on day two:

How to work with a vendor during an audit & what not to do – is there such a thing as a win win audit?

So you have received notice of an audit from one of your software vendors. This is not the first or the last audit that your company will be involved in. So what will the vendor be doing to prepare for the audit, and what is their expected outcome? Brian will share with you warts and all; what it’s like on be the other side of the audit divide. Does it really have to be 2 adversaries going head to head or is there a better way to manage an audit, to be compliant and save your company time and money?

Come and meet Brian and attend his session in Florida, USA on 19th & 20th September, or at Twickenham Stadium, UK on 4th & 5th October 2016.

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The ITAM Review UK Conference

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