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Enabling Next Generation ITAM Departments – Call for Speakers

2018 Theme and Call for Speakers

The theme for the ITAM Review in 2018 is enabling the next generation of ITAM departments.

We’ve witnessed the ascendancy of the ITAM profession in the last two decades and seen it progress from a predominantly record keeping function to a strategic advisory role.

In a business world increasingly underpinned by IT, our 2018 focus will support ITAM readers embrace the challenges ahead.

Next Generation ITAM Departments

The next generation of ITAM departments will not just be a governance function – but will provide business intelligence to inform digital transformation. Next generation ITAM departments will provide trustworthy asset analytics to modernize businesses, accelerate change and ultimately deliver competitive advantage.

ITAM processes once supported with folklore and unseen Visio diagrams will be replaced with automation. Security teams will recognize that no Cyber Security strategy is complete without ITAM. Interaction with end user customers will focus on choice, user satisfaction and frictionless transactions. ITAM will be integral to all future technical design and project decision-making.

In competitive markets, where efficient delivery of IT services will separate winners and losers – the accurate management of IT Assets, data, users and the dependencies between them will be a C-Level priority.

Next generation IT Asset Managers are lynchpins, significant stakeholders helping manage IT asset portfolios strategically. They serve the IT asset interests of the whole company, not just IT. They deliver way beyond compliance, ensuring efficient IT spend and smarter decision making across the whole business.

Call for speakers

Our theme for 2018 – Enabling Next Generation ITAM Departments

Major Topics for 2018

  1. Datacenter Governance – Aligning ITAM with Change Control and the Project Management Office and Technical Design.
  2. Asset Economics – Forecasting asset usage, Managing ITAM as a profit centre, mastery of cost savings and cost avoidance, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestures, Cloud cost optimization
  3. Organizational Change and making ITAM stick, ITAM awareness training, ITAM as a C-Level priority
  4. How ITAM can assist Cyber Security and GDPR
  5. HAM Best Practice – Inventory accuracy, virtual, physical, datacenter assets, embracing non-IT networked assets and the Internet of Things
  6. Hardware Disposal Best Practice – Secure, Practical, Environmentally friendly & cost effective

Get Involved – Call for Speakers and Contributors

Can you help us with one or more of our specialist topics? Do you share our vision of the ITAM department of the future? If you would like to get involved in our conferences, webinars and content please contact me.

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Martin is also the founder of ITAM Forum, a not-for-profit trade body for the ITAM industry created to raise the profile of the profession and bring an organisational certification to market. On a voluntary basis Martin is a contributor to ISO WG21 which develops the ITAM International Standard ISO/IEC 19770.

He is also the author of the book "Practical ITAM - The essential guide for IT Asset Managers", a book that describes how to get started and make a difference in the field of IT Asset Management. In addition, Martin developed the PITAM training course and certification.

Prior to founding the ITAM Review in 2008 Martin worked for Centennial Software (Ivanti), Silicon Graphics, CA Technologies and Computer 2000 (Tech Data).

When not working, Martin likes to Ski, Hike, Motorbike and spend time with his young family.

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