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Microsoft Questions & Answers Webinar

We recently ran a Microsoft Q&A webinar.  We asked people to submit their questions in advance and took them during the webinar too.

The webinar was one of the best attended we have every had – which probably says something about Microsoft licensing, if not my attraction as a webinar host!


It was very interesting to see the range of questions and topics on people’s minds – these included:

  • SAM engagements / Audits
  • Licensing in a hot desk environment
  • Office 365
  • Dynamics 365
  • Using the Azure portal for SAM related information
  • Windows 10 Per User licensing
  • The value of Software Assurance
  • External user licensing
  • Licensing in Azure
  • Licensing in AWS
  • Managing Datacentre licensing

It’s clear to see that “The Cloud”, whether it’s SAAS or IAAS, is something that a great many organisations are working to get to grips with. What does cloud mean for SAM & ITAM? What gets easier? What gets harder?

However, we also had plenty of questions relating to on-premises licensing – that’s still a thing, despite what some vendors may have us believe. For almost all organisations, it is a hybrid environment that will be in place for the foreseeable future – so ITAM teams must manage software of both types simultaneously.

What’s next?

Time constraints means I was only able to cover a small portion of the questions during the webinar, so my plan is to address some of these over the coming weeks in a series of articles.

What I’d like to do now is again offer up the chance for you to submit questions. These can be on a specific product, about the future of Microsoft licensing, or somewhere in the middle.

Let me know which of these topics you’d like to see more on – and feel free to add your own too.

Microsoft Year End Countdown – Licensing Q&A Webinar

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  1. JoAnn Lopez says:

    I would like to ask the group about MS Windows upgrade sku with SA- what is the entitlement

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