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What do our speakers think of the upcoming 2018 UK conference? (Part 1)

We asked our esteemed speakers a few questions around their sessions at our upcoming 2018 UK conference at Mercedes Benz World on the 5th & 6th June. Hear what they have to say:

Why should attendees come to your session?

Rory Canavan –
ISO 19770-1: 2017 – Rebooted for your pleasure

Barry Pilling: The session is designed to get people thinking about how, or indeed if, they manage licensing in the data centre; specifically, how they bring it in through their project process,and how they manage changes to systems once they’re running.

Richard Spithoven: Knowing how to effectively navigate the Oracle audit process is key to coming out on top. Join this session to find out what you need to know to effectively navigate the Oracle audit process. We will cover do’s and don’ts during an Oracle audit and will provide tips to manage the complexity of your Oracle licenses to prevent common compliance issues. In addition, learn more on how you can really start cutting costs on your constantly increasing support maintenance fees.

Rory Canavan: ISO 19770-1 has gone through a substantial overhaul – it would be beneficial to anyone in SAM to understand how a Management Systems Standard approach to SAM could benefit their organisation.

What challenges are end users currently facing and how your session help overcome these?

Barry Pilling –
All Change – Aligning SAM with your Data Centre Change Processes

Barry Pilling: Most end user organisations don’t consider the impact of data centre change on their licensing; many ITAM teams are seen by project and technical teams as a route to buy licences only. This is always a challenge for ITAM teams, as they are frequently ignored by teams who don’t necessarily see the benefit in engaging with ITAM to realise cost savings. My session will, hopefully, help ITAM and commercial teams to show that it is in their employers best financial interests to engage with them early.

Richard Spithoven: Oracle’s practice of software license audits to drive revenue is well-documented. As companies continue to report an increase in frequency of these audits that often result in huge audit fees, companies are feeling pressured to adopt Oracle’s cloud products in lieu of payment to fulfil audit requirements.

Rory Canavan: Typically, getting a handle on the bigger (SAM) picture is a real problem if a SAM programme has been started off the back of a vendor audit; my session will help to link business and IT strategy to IT and SAM operations.

Adrian Mulligan: Massively inflated prices for software maintenance and Increasingly aggressive vendor audits – ELS have strategies for these challenges

What other parts of the event are you looking forward to?

Richard Spithoven –
Boost up your Oracle audit defence

Barry Pilling: I’m looking forward to Rory Canavan’s session on the new iteration of the ISO 19770-1 standard, amongst others, and the opportunity for networking. As an independent consultant, I look forward to helping out some end user organisations as well.

Richard Spithoven: The opportunity to network with peers and attend end user presentations.

Rory Canavan: The cars! I’m a Mercedes Benz nut

Adrian Mulligan: Networking with great people

Why should end users attend this event?

Barry Pilling: Any end user who has a passion for making ITAM work at their company should value the opportunities brought by this conference. There are some great speakers from across the ITAM world, and one thing I’ve learnt in this business is that you should never pass up the chance to learn from someone else’s experience.

Adrian Mulligan – Know your adversary – trends, reputations and skulduggery of the major software vendors

Richard Spithoven: The ITAM Review Annual Conference is one of the leading conferences in the industry and provides a good mixture of inspiring sessions and networking opportunities.

Rory Canavan: The on-site breadth of ITAM expertise in such a wonderful setting makes this a compelling event to attend – the opportunity to pick the brains of those speaking, as well as those attending is worth the entry fee alone.

Adrian Mulligan: Getting your software spend under control and compliant is no longer an option…

Take advantage of our early bird ticket rate and meet the speakers from our first interview at the UK conference.

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