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Wisdom USA 2020 Speaker Spotlight: License Management & Arnie

This is the 2nd “speaker spotlight” article for Wisdom USA 2020 – a chance for you to see some of the fantastic speakers and sessions we’ve got in store for you this next month in St Petersburg, Florida.

Joining me is Elise Cocks, ITAM Manager at Freddie Mac.

Wisdom USA 2020

What is your session called?

Platform Agnostic License Management.

What is your Wisdom USA 2020 session about?

How to get the most of our your SAM tool by leveraging it to track all licenses regardless of their compliance metrics or the platforms where they run.

How did you get started in ITAM?

I was offered an entry level role with zero experience, very little training, and a lot of flexibility to fix broken processes. Through that role, I found a love for process efficiency and design, and an exciting career in Software and IT Asset Management.

If you could change 1 thing in the ITAM industry, what would it be?

Continued cold calls, emails, and LinkedIn invites from sales people.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

The variability and individuality of our programs. Each of our companies have our own unique set of circumstances driven by technology footprint, risk appetite, and culture, that create unique spins to our ITAM and SAM programs. This individuality creates the opportunity for ITAM and SAM to provide unique value statements to any company.

What should people talk to you about?

Building a SAM program, license management strategy and techniques, Free and Open Source Software. Also, dogs, horses, and cars.

What’s your favourite book?

The Dark Tower novels

If you had your own chat show – who would be the first guest?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you’ve not yet registered for Wisdom USA 2020, don’t miss out – follow this link!

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