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A guide to licensing Oracle in the cloud

As public cloud (like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure) continues to grow and more projects are shifted to Infrastructure-as-a-Service, it is increasingly likely that you will find on-premises licenses being migrated – and so a guide to licensing Oracle in the cloud will come in quite handy!

Cloud licensing

The rules for licensing Oracle in the cloud are not the same as when licensing those same products on-premises – a disappointing, although perhaps not surprising, turn of events. Given their history of strictly enforcing their licensing rules, ensuring that you’re compliant with Oracle’s Bring Your Own License (BYOL) policies should generally be toward the top of your risk register. However, with Oracle’s recent financial results not looking particularly spectacular, growing anecdotal evidence of an industry wide increase in audit activity, and the fragility of budgets and cashflow at the moment – now really is the time to be particularly careful that everything is in order.

One particular problem presented by BYOL rules – and not just with Oracle – is that the teams managing the cloud migrations may not be aware that there are different rules to consider based on the licenses’ location. A compliant position can quickly change with just a few on-premises servers being moved into the cloud so even a small oversight could lead to a big bill.

The guide

Created in conjunction with Aspera, the Oracle cloud licensing guide looks at a variety of topics including:

  • Which clouds are authorised by Oracle?
  • To which products do the rules apply?
  • How do you count processors in the cloud?
  • Named User Plus minimums
  • How cloud impacts Unlimited License Agreements (ULA)

And more.

The aim of the guide is to help you know where to look and what to look for, when it comes to identifying and defining Oracle license compliance across your hybrid on-premises/cloud environment.


(free registration required) from Aspera’s site.

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