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Podcast Episode 95: Oracle Update – Litigation, TikTok, JEDI, and more

In this podcast AJ Witt is joined by Dean Bolton & Michael Corey from LicenseFortress & Art Beeman and Joel Muchmore from Beeman & Muchmore to discuss current topics in Oracle licensing in the context of the landmark Mars vs Oracle case. Joel & Art were lead litigators for Mars in that case and have plenty to share about Oracle’s trading and litigation strategies. LicenseFortress work with Beeman & Muchmore to provide legal services as part of their guaranteed Oracle License Compliance solution.

We highlight best practice in transacting with Oracle:

  • Understanding agreements
  • Thinking about the exit
  • What it actually means when you buy and run Oracle software
  • Does all software licensing need specialist legal counsel?

We also cover a number of wider topics relating to Oracle and “Big Tech” in general with a surprising take on the current Oracle-Walmart-TikTok deal, an update on Sunrise Firefighters’ action over Oracle’s cloud revenue reporting, and the future direction of technology companies in the US. Recorded in late September 2020 this is a timely listen with judgements expected in the Sunrise Firefighters case and also the Google vs Oracle API dispute which has reached the Supreme Court and has profound implications for the future of software licensing.

Show Notes:

For more on Mars vs Oracle see

For more on Sunrise Firefighters, including our call for evidence see

For updates on Oracle licensing and other Oracle-related content see –

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