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International team member joins ITAM Review

We’re pleased to share that our first international team member joins The ITAM Review in October 2020.

Damian Harris lives in The Netherlands and his previous role was as a Senior Recruitment Consultant within the ITAM & SAM sector.

Damian joins the ITAM Review team as Business Development Manager and his main focus will be building partner relationships for digital & event sponsorship and growing LISA – our on demand ITAM and SAM training offering.


As is the tradition, we asked Damian some questions about himself to introduce him to the team and wider ITAM Review community:

  1. You’ve been working in the ITAM industry for a number of years now, what do you enjoy most about working in this space? I really enjoy working and collaborating with ITAM/SAM professionals that really have a passion for this niche industry. Great to hear success stories where they’ve made a real difference and impact to the customer or client

  2. Which aspect of working with The ITAM Review are you most excited about? First and foremost the team. Already within my first week everyone has been so welcoming and supportive. I’m very excited to be part of the growing success at ITAM Review…I’m keen to support the growing customers and clients for the LISA online training and also identifying new partners to attend our digital events around the world.

  3. What’s one thing we don’t know about you? I once was lucky enough many years ago to have played a round of golf with a professional Swedish golfer called Henrik Stenson. Very cool day to play with him but also my Dad.

  4. When not working you are most likely to be found: Spending time with my new young family but also enjoy cycling around the city of Amsterdam. Also like watching, playing sports such as football and golf.

  5. The first record you bought was: Wow, I think the first record I bought was Tears for Fears. Still love their album. Timeless!

  6. You have a secret soft spot for. Ah, this is a no brainer. Carrot cake!

  7. You’ve lived in the Netherlands for several years, is there anything you particularly miss about living in the UK? Well, definitely my family and close friends. That’s a given. Though I do miss going to watch my local football team (Watford FC) but also a really tasty Sunday roast dinner at a countryside pub in my hometown in Hertfordshire…sometimes followed by a carrot cake?!

Contact Damian to find out more about LISA training or upcoming commercial opportunities.



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