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Xensam Review

Xensam is a cloud-based software asset management platform that recognises all on-prem, open-source, freemium and paid SaaS applications on your devices. We help you track true active usage of any business applications to ensure compliance, and security, and optimise license spend. You self-serve and access customised recommendations and cost-saving reports in an interactive control panel.


Simply install the Xensam agent on your devices – no need for a browser extension – and get immediate insights on;


1. Where your business applications are installed, used, and by whom,

2. Security vulnerabilities and potential legal compliance issues,

3. License requirements, release date, EOL, up-and-down-grade paths, and GDPR compliance on all your applications,

4. The end-to-end lifecycle of all your hardware assets,

5. All software-related costs and how they are spent across the organisation.


One platform, one price with everything included. Explore Xensam and book an intro meeting to see it in action at


Name: Xensam

Application Category: Enterprise SAM Tools

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