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Join the Committee of Experts. Help create the first, globally-recognised organisational certification for ISO 19770

Committee of Experts - volunteers required

Committee of Experts – volunteers required

Get involved. Join the Committee of Experts.

Join your peers to help formulate what the certification scheme will look like and how conformity will be measured.

Raising the profile of ITAM

We all know that ISO 19770 is very useful in helping ITAM professionals build an ITAM practice, but we also all know that it’s not been possible for organisations to measure conformity against the standard in a global, consistent and uniform way.

This is needed to raise the profile of ITAM with key stakeholders across and throughout organisations, benchmark processes, drive ITAM maturity and hopefully, turn ITAM into the de facto business practice it deserves to be.

Since the standards body ISO does not build certification schemes for standards, those wanted to measure conformity must do this themselves, which is exactly what the global ITAM community is now starting to do.

Now is a critical time in the delivery of the scheme

When the ITAM Forum launched in spring 2020, so did its Certification workstream, composed of volunteers tasked to turn this want into reality. This group of enthusiastic ITAM advocates has done a tremendous job, and they are now at a stage where they need help…from you.

Now is a critical time in the delivery of the scheme. We have engaged the services of NEN, a Dutch organisation with considerable experience in building schemes, but they don’t have ITAM experience, for this we need the industry to contribute via a “Committee of Experts”.

A Committee of Experts (composed again, by volunteers) has been established to help formulate what the scheme will look like and how conformity will be measured.

Join the committee of experts

Please consider volunteering for the committee of experts to build the scheme or suggest someone who might be suitable from your organisation or network.

Workload can be light (reviewing documents and providing feedback) through to hands-on (writing documents). Participation is free and you don’t need to be involved with standards or ITAM Forum to participate.

Anyone who works in ITAM can join the Committee, and the goal is for global ITAM representation with members coming from all four corners of the globe who are end-users, tool providers and those who provide consultancy services. It’s paramount for the scheme to reflect the real-world realities of ITAM, and that’s why the Committee of Experts is so important and plays such a key role.

If you are interested in joining the Committee, please let the team know. This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help develop, grow and elevate the ITAM practice and profession.

You can also find out more about the Committee and its role/duties/timelines – and receive an update on the scheme’s progress and what’s next – by attending a webinar the ITAM Forum is hosting with NEN (the Dutch Standardisation Institute, the scheme appointed secretariat) on the 8th July 2021.

It truly is an exciting time for ITAM and an exciting time to be in ITAM.

Thanks, Martin


About Martin Thompson

Martin is owner and founder of The ITAM Review, an online resource for worldwide ITAM professionals. The ITAM Review is best known for its weekly newsletter of all the latest industry updates, LISA training platform, Excellence Awards and conferences in UK, USA and Australia.

Martin is also the founder of ITAM Forum, a not-for-profit trade body for the ITAM industry created to raise the profile of the profession and bring an organisational certification to market. On a voluntary basis Martin is a contributor to ISO WG21 which develops the ITAM International Standard ISO/IEC 19770.

He is also the author of the book "Practical ITAM - The essential guide for IT Asset Managers", a book that describes how to get started and make a difference in the field of IT Asset Management. In addition, Martin developed the PITAM training course and certification.

Prior to founding the ITAM Review in 2008 Martin worked for Centennial Software (Ivanti), Silicon Graphics, CA Technologies and Computer 2000 (Tech Data).

When not working, Martin likes to Ski, Hike, Motorbike and spend time with his young family.

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