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compass from Deloitte sets out to focus on and solve a key need: optimized software license assignments for fully covered and consistent software use. To do this, compass is being built with the focus on being an intelligent and efficient solution. A tool that is simple, fast, modular and cost-efficient. A tool that is accessible to all, not just tech experts. And most importantly, a tool that is clearly specialized and excels at exactly what it was built for, not a generic jack-of-all-trades.


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Analyst Review

AJ Witt, The ITAM Review

compass from Deloitte is delivered as an on-demand SaaS application. Customers can use compass to calculate optimized software license deployments for SAP & Microsoft software. 


The tool works by ingesting data from systems of record, such as ABAP scripts in the case of SAP, and APIs in the case of supported Microsoft software. 

During this process the tool highlights any data quality issues and suggests the actions needed to resolve them.

Data is then analyzed and license assignments are optimized. The operation takes place entirely online with the solution deployable in minutes, with limited configuration required. 


The user interface for compass is minimal, as most tasks are automated. Where user interaction is required wizards are used, along with guidance designed to help users navigate the complexities of entitlements and license consumption. This guided approach with clear milestones provided enables users of compass to work through complex scenarios with certainty and reassurance. License optimization calculations for the enterprise products covered by compass can have a multi-million dollar impact on software spend for large organizations so this certainty is very much needed. 


compass is available as a standalone subscription, or as part of a Software Asset Management service delivery from Deloitte. It’s deployed via Deloitte’s AI app portal, and can be spun up rapidly in any Google datacenter worldwide. 




The approach compass takes to generating license compliance positions is innovative, leveraging the power of modern technology. It’s a glimpse of the tools of the future that IT Asset Managers will require in order to manage complex, diverse, and fast-moving estates. Deloitte have developed the compass platform with expansion in mind and we should expect to see further product coverage as the modern technology landscape continues to evolve. 

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