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July/August news roundup

What happened in ITAM over the summer? While the summer is typically a slow period for news, there were a few ITAM developments that are worth flagging.


MinIo claims Nutanix breaches open-source rules and revokes licenses

In a blog article published on, and further clarified in a LinkedIn post and on their website too, the object storage platform MinIO has accused Nutanix of violating its open source licence.


MinIO said Nutanix failed to provide IP guarantees and source identification to its users, flouting a core principle of the open source model. MinIO claims it has tried and failed to resolve the issues with the company for three years.

As a result, MiniO has revoked Nutanix’s AGPL v3 and Apache v2 licenses to the MinIO object storage suite.

You can read the full blog post by Garima Kapoor, COO and co-founder, MinIO, Inc. on Storage Newsletter here (behind paywall).


Oracle database services for Azure 

A furthering of the friendly relationship between Microsoft & Oracle, here enabling users to connect Oracle Databases running in OCI to services running in Azure more easily and with analytics within Azure. 

Although there’s no love lost between the two organisations, it’s likely that the phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” has been used between them when casting a glance towards Amazon AWS. Working together to unseat the #1 market leader makes sense – and then they can return to competing against each other for the then vacant top spot! 

Read more here: 


Cloud datacentres cause housing shortage? 

When it comes to datacentres’ impact on the environment, the focus is usually on their huge electricity usage and the environmental cost of generating this much power. But now datacentres could be blamed for a housing shortage, with developers in West London recently being told they may be prevented from starting new projects in the area until 2035, because the electricity grid has run out of capacity.

Read more here.


Oracle to double support pricing to 8% 

Inflation continues to filter itself through the tech sector, with Oracle support prices set to rise by 8% in the US, with commensurate increases in line with inflation in other regions.

Read more on The Register here.

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