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Eracent helps its customers meet the challenges of managing software licenses and computing assets in today’s complex and evolving IT environments. Eracent’s enterprise clients save significantly on their annual software spend, reduce their audit and security risks, and establish more efficient asset management processes. Eracent’s client base includes some of the world’s largest corporate and government networks and IT environments.


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Eracent IT Management Center (ITMC)

Name: Eracent ITMC

Description: Eracent's ITAM products provide a wide range of capabilities that go beyond the traditional ITAM remit, enabling customers to build a platform for IT Management. Key products that make up this platform include ITMC Discovery, Continuous License Reconciliation, ITMC Lifecycle, and IT-Pedia.

Offer price: POA

Operating System: On Premise, SaaS, Hosted

Application Category: SAM Tools, ITAM Tools

Author: AJ Witt

Comments Rating 8.83/10 (1 review)
Eracent CLR for SAP Applications

Name: Eracent CLR for SAP Applications

Application Category: SAP License Management

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Eracent IT-Pedia

Name: Eracent IT-Pedia

Application Category: Asset Inventory


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