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Author: Filipa Preston


  • What is the future of software? (and what does it mean for SAM?)

    Office for iPad has already moved to the freemium/premium model, with users paying only for consumption What does the future hold for software? How will it be delivered, how will it be priced, and will we ever be able to move to a usage-based pricing model? In my opinion, all enterprise...

  • How do you convince the CFO?

    Stop the CFO from wanting to show you the exit As an IT asset management consultant, I’m in this business because I want to be remembered for making a difference. But ‘making a difference’ can mean different things to different people. For the CFO for example, making a difference...

  • How many machines, really?

    “Lack of visibility is the biggest challenge” The most common challenge we face when starting a new software / IT asset management project is obtaining reliable data on exactly how many assets we’re dealing with. Lack of visibility is the biggest challenge. In SAM/ITAM...

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