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Author: Piaras MacDonnell


  • IBM increase prices to promote cloud usage

    This article “IBM increase prices to promote cloud usage” was contributed by Piaras MacDonnell, founding partner of LicenseHawk. We reported back in June that IBM announced they’re “removing the entitled discounts for a select number of products traditionally deployed...

  • Oracle ULA – Tips to achieving a successful exit

    Tips to achieving a successful exit This article has been contributed by Piaras MacDonnell  of SureDatum. To learn more about Oracle Licensing, please join us in one of our upcoming events. Learn more here > An Oracle Unlimited...

  • Can we deploy Oracle in the cloud?

    The question of deploying Oracle databases to the cloud has started to come up more frequently among our clients and with good reason.  Amazon and Microsoft have slashed the costs of deploying a virtual server, which makes it more appealing for IT departments to consider pushing...

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