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  • Oracle Verified Tools – Market Guide

    Just published is our guide to the small market for Oracle-verified inventory tools. Oracle-verified tools inventory Oracle Database deployments to a level that will satisfy Oracle LMS during an audit. Oracle haven’t verified any new tools for a number of years and market leaders...

  • Secondary Software Market – Guide and Commentary

    The Secondary Software Market, created by an EU-ruling in 2012, is not just about sourcing second-hand copies of old licenses, or getting some money back for your now redundant Office licenses. In preparing a guide to this market I interviewed David Chamberlain, General Manager of...

  • IaaS Management – ITAM Review Market Guide

    Here is the second of the ITAM Review Market Guides – this time looking at tools and services to help manage IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) in the public cloud. IaaS environments, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, are becoming an ever-bigger infrastructure component for...

  • Introducing – ITAM Review SaaS Market Guide

    The ITAM Review are delighted to announce the publication of a Market Guide for SaaS Optimisation & Subscription Management tools. This is the first in a series of Market Guides, to be published monthly, looking at various aspects of the ITAM tools and services market. Future...

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