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Category: Oracle


  • Oracle Tool Verification

    Oracle announced back in 2010 that it would begin to verify the data provided by ITAM tools. Oracle is notoriously difficult to manage from an ITAM perspective because Oracle products don’t install like most other publishers (no .exes to track in your inventory tool) and the configuration...

  • Oracle customer has licensing meltdown

    A letter from an ITAM Review reader: Dear Martin, I wanted to let you know how useful I find your Oracle Licensing Quick Guide when educating colleagues about the basics of Oracle licensing. However it doesn’t mention one of my biggest Oracle Licensing bugbears, and one which is...

  • EU rules against Oracle on second-hand software licensing

    The EU court has decided that distribution rights end when and at the specific time that the original copyright holder (in this case Oracle) markets and then completes a sale of the software on what is denoted as one “material medium” or another including a CD-ROM, a DVD or through...

  • Oracle Licensing: The Data, The Report and The Reality

    “Reality is changing – I’d suggest you get involved” As with almost any complex area of life or business, Software Asset Management is seldom black and white. Like most of us, SAM practitioners need to deal with various shades of grey. This is the first of two articles...

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