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Practical ITAM – Online Training & Certification

A new qualification from the ITAM Review

The Practical IT Asset Manager (PITAM) Training and Assessment Programme is an online or in-person educational course, based on the ITAM Review’s 12 Box ITAM maturity model. This model is an independent view of ITAM Best Practice; a balance of people, process and technology – and all of the core competencies we believe should be integral to a modern ITAM practice.

The online programme enables worldwide ITAM professionals to view one hour, learning modules to learn about all 12 elements of world class ITAM from the comfort of their own workspace. As part of the programme, users can independently assess their organization’s maturity at the start and end of the programme, with the goal of increasing ITAM maturity and improving your practice.

Our learning modules will not only be sharing best practice and ITAM theory, but will also lean upon the real life experiences of our community so you’ll learn what to do, from people who have done it. You will also be able to discuss and connect with others on the programme forum and share ideas and implementation strategies.

At the end of the programme, delegates complete an online exam to receive certification against the programme to demonstrate their learning. Upon successful completion of the exam, delegates will be PITAM Certified.

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PITAM Online Training & Assessment Programme – AT A GLANCE

  1. No huge time commitment – work around your schedule
  2. Online – participate from the comfort of your desk
  3. All sessions are on-demand – watch at your own pace
  4. A mixture of real life, ITAM theory and best practice
  5. Benchmark – includes a benchmarking of your organization before and after the training course
  6. Receive a personal certification when you pass the online exam

In Person Training

The Practical IT Asset Manager (PITAM) Training and Assessment Programme is also available as an in-person training course. To find out more, please click here.

Why take the PITAM Certification?

  • Expand your knowledge and drive internal ITAM improvement
  • The ITAM Review certification is recognised across the globe to deliver knowledge though real-life scenarios
  • Increase potential earnings and qualify for more jobs
  • Demonstrate ROI through the processes you implement within your organisation
  • Fully understand each process of ITAM
  • Meet your organisation’s priorities by managing risk and IT spend

PITAM Training Programme Modules

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Supportive Reading

Practical ITAM – The essential guide for IT Asset Managers

Getting started and making a difference in the field of IT Asset Management

“This book will help bring those new to the profession up to speed in a way that fits the hectic pace of life today. Its 12 modules are manageable in size, and introduce people to most of the issues they will face in real life. These modules are supported by videos (excellent!), an organisational maturity assessment, a personal certification exam, and the ITAM Review online community.”

David Bicket, Co-editor of ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 ITAM Requirements, Co-author of the ITIL SAM/ITAM Guide, Former convener of the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 WG21 (The ISO ITAM Working Group) 

By Martin Thompson, published by The ITAM Review, July 2017, ISBN 978-1547011216