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SaaS Management Tool Certification Standard v2

SaaS Management Tool Certification StandardThis is version 2 of The ITAM Review SaaS Management Tool Certification Standard. The purpose of this standard is to provide prospective tool buyers with an assurance that the tool meets what the ITAM community sees as being the core requirements for SaaS Management. This is an open, community sourced standard and we welcome your contributions. The ITAM Review certifies tools against this standard. If you are a tool provider and would like to submit your tool for certification please contact us at For more on The ITAM Review’s certification program please see this page.

About this standard

This standard updates version 1, first published in 2019. It takes account of changing priorities in SaaS Management and acknowledges that tool and solution providers are maturing their offerings. The core requirements of Discovery, Inventory, Normalisation, and Optimisation remain similar but we also see enhanced Reporting, Automation & Integration, and Risk Management requirements coming to the fore. Equally, not all SaaS Management tools provide such capabilities, and not all customers require them. In larger organisations, for example, Risk Management may be a more formal process handled by an Internal Audit department with their own tooling, and Automation and Integration tools may be provided as part of IT Service Management (ITSM) suites. The certification standard recognises this and is therefore modular. As an end-user using the standard to perhaps prepare an RFI, you are free to pick which modules are of most importance to your intended use case. When certifying tools against this standard The ITAM Review will note which use cases the tool is best-suited to. To access the standard, please click the link below which opens the standard as a PDF in a new window, no registration required.

SaaS Management Tool Certification Standard v2

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