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  • Secondary Software Market – Guide and Commentary

    The Secondary Software Market, created by an EU-ruling in 2012, is not just about sourcing second-hand copies of old licenses, or getting some money back for your now redundant Office licenses. In preparing a guide to this market I interviewed David Chamberlain, General Manager of...

  • Can I sell my surplus software licenses?

    I’m writing this blog following recent news of a dispute between Microsoft and second-hand licensing specialist Discount Licensing. In particular, I’m keen to publish an independent message in light of the nonsense being stated by FAST in the press over the last few days. I’ve...

  • The Barium Manifesto

    Barium: with clear visibility and transparency of the insides of the patient, the Doctor can make an informed prognosis. The Mega-Vendor Arab Spring In my experience the vast majority of businesses are enthusiastic about technology and are happy to pay a fair price for it. However,...

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