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  • Oomnitza: IT Asset Management on your smartphone

    January marked the seventh anniversary of the launch of the iPhone. Looking back at the launch, it’s remarkable how many product features Steve Jobs announced that are now taken for granted; touch screen, multi-touch, large music library on your phone etc. One of the most transformative...

  • Coming Soon: An Asset Repository Battle

    Let the battle begin! We’re excited to be kicking off our research briefings next week for our competitive analysis on Asset Repository. Scheduled for publication in February, vendors confirmed to participate so far include: Axios Systems ServiceNow The research will highlight...

  • Asset Repository Assessment Criteria

    I will be reviewing Asset Repositories soon; the criteria below will shape our assessment of market leading Asset Repository vendors. What is Asset Management? Asset Management is a system for monitoring and managing things of value. Through the practice of Asset Management we can...

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