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  • VMWare running on Azure

    Vmware on Azure, say what? Say what now?! Microsoft have made quite the announcement – soon, organisations will be able to run VMWare virtual machines on Microsoft Azure. These two companies have been perennial rivals in the virtualization space for many years, does this signify...

  • What is Microsoft Azure Stack?

    What’s the biggest problem with the Cloud? That it’s in the Cloud. Right? The technology and services seem excellent, the ease of use is very appealing, the new approaches it enables are of huge interest…but it’s up there, not down here. If, IF, you could have the Cloud...

  • Microsoft Product Terms Update for January & February 2017

    Keeping up with changes to Microsoft product terms is a full time job! In this article Rich Gibbons provides an update to the key changes for January and February 2017.  Microsoft Product Terms changes – January 2017 System Center Client Management Suite This license was a...

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