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  • Event Listing: Oracle Seminar, 21st November, London

    Are your cryptic Oracle license agreements and the lack of support provided by the Oracle LMS team getting you in a knot? Managing the complexity of your Oracle Licensing Agreements Introduction Oracle licensing is one of the greatest software investments you are likely to make –...

  • Software Audit Code of Conduct [DRAFT]

    Updated 25th April 2014 – The first version of the Code of Conduct is now live here: This code of conduct from the Campaign for Clear Licensing is a first draft. Please leave your comments or contact me to discuss any suggested...

  • Campaign for Clear Licensing Launched

    The ‘Barium Manifesto’ back in December stated the need to ‘Shake things up’ in the software licensing industry and create an industry regulator. We’ve been busy building since then. I’m pleased to share with you that since January we have: Created a legal entity (not-for-profit...

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