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  • Infographic: Building the business case for ITAM

    As a result of our recent research into the business case for ITAM sponsored by Cireson, it is clear that software audits continue to dominate the industry as organizations admit to vendor audits being one of the biggest drivers for investment in ITAM and organizations are over-compensating...

  • 76% admit to over-licensing in fear of audits

    This article provides the results of our survey into the ITAM business case from November 2015. Thanks to our friends at Cireson for sponsoring this research. Introduction – The business case for ITAM The goal of this project was to identify how organizations measure the business...

  • The business case for ITAM

    How do you justify the investment in ITAM? How do organisations measure the business case for ITAM? How do they measure the success of their ITAM program and continue to solicit senior management support? This research project by The ITAM Review investigates how organisations quantify...

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