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  • The reverse click-through EULA to cancel software audits

    Playing software vendors at their own game I was speaking to Jochen Hagenlocher on The ITAM Review podcast recently (My recording with Jochen will go live in the New Year). Jochen shared a smart idea for thwarting audits before they start – The reverse click through EULA. What is...

  • What you need to know – ITAM and Licensing Terms

      Key phrases;   Activation: When the software is installed, a serial number of activation code is required to unlock use to the software. Allows vendor to track activations and also allows them to stop any unauthorized installs. Application: Software name. Asset Management:...

  • EULA’s explained in simple terms

    Always read the EULA! EULA stands for “End User License Agreement”. The EULA can also be known as a software license agreement. What does this mean? The EULA is basically a legal contract between an end user and a vendor highlighting what they can and cannot do with the...

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