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  • Engaging IT Security Operations in your ITAM Programme

    This article is the third of a four part series by AJ Witt of ITAM Review written in collaboration with ServiceNow’s Ryan Wood-Taylor & Peter Beruk. The series outlines how a strategic ITAM practice will deliver enhanced business value through creation of strategic stakeholder...

  • Ticketmaster data breach – “it wasn’t me”

    The recent Ticketmaster breach is perhaps the first large-scale breach in our brave new GDPR-regulated world, and it warrants further analysis. As the dust has settled each party has spun the story in a different way, and there has been far more public disclosure of exactly what happened...

  • Microsoft updates product terms to include GDPR

    The September update of Microsoft’s Product Terms and Online Service Terms (OST) both include updates related to the GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR contains rules – some new, some existing – focused around data protection…something...

  • GDPR and the implications for ITAM Managers

    What is GDPR, why is it important & what impact will it have on ITAM Managers? Imagine this situation in two years-time from now. The ITAM manager for a large organization has been called to a board meeting. There has been a major data breach and a large amount of customer information...

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