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Tag: ITAM and Coronavirus


  • SaaS enables remote work during COVID-19

    In this SaaS news roundup we explore the ways in which COVID-19 is affecting SaaS providers. We look at how it is enabling remote work, why you should be cautious when buying new services, and end with positive news for two players in the SaaS Management market. SaaS enables remote...

  • Free software offers from vendors to help remote working

    During the international Coronavirus outbreak, there are various free software offers from many vendors, to help organisations quickly adopt/expand remote working procedures. These vendors include: Microsoft Microsoft are offering Office 365 E1 free for 6 months – this includes...

  • Creating an ITAM clean-up action plan

    Creating an ITAM clean-up action plan will mean that, after any major change – particularly one that’s unexpected – you will have a checklist of steps to methodically take stock of the situation. What must you look at to try and ensure your compliance position hasn’t...

  • ITAM and Coronavirus: What’s the impact?

    I don’t want to jump on the bandwagon and, in the grand scheme of things there are bigger, much more immediate concerns, but I do think it’s worthwhile considering the impact the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak may have on organisations, and ITAM in particular. The sudden...

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