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  • Process of the Month – Joiners, Movers and Leavers Process

    CMDB is a golden source Sometimes within Software Asset Management we become so focused on producing an audit and reconciliation report, that we miss the bigger picture in taking state data and converting it into a tangible business decision.  One such area often overlooked is that...

  • Shaking off SAM’s ‘solitary’ stereotype

    Generally, when we refer to SAM within an organisation, it tends to imply the singular and a function that’s the responsibility of a solitary SAM professional. This perception seems to exist regardless of the size of organisation. Whilst that may have been the case in the early...

  • IAITAM Conference Preview: Managing a SAM Tool Implementation

    Iterative Steps Chris Borkert from Linium will be presenting a session entitled ‘Managing a SAM Tool Implementation – Organizing for Maximum Effectiveness’ at the IAITAM Conference and Exhibition (ACE) next month. I recently corresponded with Chris regarding his upcoming session...

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