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  • What is Secondary Software?

    Whiteboard Wednesday Episode 25: What is the secondary software? Welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday, this week, what is the secondary software market? Please like, follow, subscribe to Whiteboard Wednesday updates, reach out on social media...

  • Beware Secondary Software FUD

    SAM tool vendor Snow Software reports that Adobe has lost a case of reselling secondary software in the USA that has good implications for the US secondary software market. See: Adobe loses courtroom battle. It is great to see Snow Software (ITAM Review Tool Provider of the Year 2015...

  • Quick Guide to Second-Hand Software (Part 3 of 3)

    "...the spread of ‘fear, uncertainty and doubt’ (FUD) is still the preferred choice of weapon by major software vendors" This article has been contributed by Noel Unwin of Part One – Industry Dynamics Part Two -Demystifying the Mist Part...

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