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  • Inventory and Discovery Tool Selection Criteria

    The recent Inventory and Discovery Tools Group Test featured an independent review of BDNA, FrontRange Solutions, HP, iQuate, NEXThink, Numara Software and ServiceNow. The assessment criteria are listed below. You might find these useful, as a starting point, when developing your...

  • IBM – The Dark Horse of Software Audits?

    Are Companies Underestimating IBM Audits? I recently interviewed Alan Swahn, VP of Product Management at Flexera Software. We discussed IBM Licensing and the IBM audit program. Q. Why IBM? Shouldn’t companies spend more time focusing on Microsoft, Adobe or Oracle audit compliance? Many...

  • 78% Have Experienced a Vendor Audit in the Last Year

    I conducted a brief straw poll on vendor audit activity back in July. Thank you to everyone that took part, I apologise for the delay in publishing the results. In a nutshell: 78% experienced a vendor audit in the last year, average 2.5 audits, most helpful Microsoft, least helpful...

  • Software Compliance Guaranteed? [Straw Poll]

    Gartner mentioned an interesting concept in their April 2010 Marketscope for ITAM tools. In the section on Software License Compliance they state that some organisations view their ITAM program as an insurance policy against the threat of software audits (Invest fixed costs in one...

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