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  • Are SAM tools ready for the cloud?

    The ITAM Review team attended the European version of Gartner’s ITAM Summit in London last week for great networking and ITAM and IT procurement led presentations. Gartner Analyst Stewart Buchanan led an interesting session on the future of SAM tools where he argued that the future...

  • Gartner: Use Market Forces to Drive Licensing Negotiations

    "Show me the money!" ~ Tom Cruise I studied Economics at University many moons ago. So I felt a mixture of both fascination and nostalgia when Gartner Analyst Stewart Buchanan started using demand and supply curves to describe the business value of SAM. I attended the London...

  • Free Access to Ten Gartner ITAM Research Papers

    Cracks In The Paywall? It appears Gartner are banging the new business drum and are a offering 90 day trial access to their online research. Visit this page to claim your 90 day subscription (NOT an affiliate link) View this video to learn more about the offer. I’m not a Gartner...

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