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  • Travelex ransomware attack and the perils of IT mismanagement

    The Travelex ransomware attack demonstrates the perils of IT mismanagement for digitised companies. In this month’s radio show the team discuss how the Travelex attack happened and the role of IT Asset Management teams.  The ITAM Review Monthly Radio Show for January 2020 starring: Martin...

  • VMware CPU licensing metric change: What you need to know

    This article was contributed by Barry Pilling, Managing Partner at Cortex Consulting. In early February 2020, VMware announced a significant change to its long-serving CPU licence metric. This could have far-reaching consequences across all manner of enterprise IT estates, regardless...

  • VMworld TV: Oracle Licensing in Virtual Environments

    An interesting video below recorded at VMworld in Barcelona featuring Oracle licensing specialist Daniel Hesselink and IT contracts specialist Judica Krikke. An introduction from Daniel’s blog states: “A brief summary on video about the presentation we’ve given at...

  • VMware rethinks vRAM licensing model

    VMware has made some interesting manoeuvres this month with regard to the licensing of its vRAM technology. The previous licensing model enforced RAM restrictions and limitations on users of vSphere 5, VMware’s cloud computing virtualisation operating system. As the company...

  • ManageSoft Launches ECM V8.0

    ManageSoft is aiming its new release of Enterprise Compliance Manager firmly at Enterprise IT purse strings. Their press release states; “This new edition will enable enterprises to achieve up to seven figure savings

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