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Event Listing: Oracle Seminar, 15th May 2015, New York

ITAM_SEMINAR_ORACLE_NY_MAY_edited-2Following the unfortunate timing of Juno, the storm that hit New York in January we are pleased to announce that we have rescheduled our Oracle Seminar to Friday, 15th May 2015.


After the success of our Oracle Seminar that took place in London in November 2014, we are very pleased to bring our Oracle Seminar to New York in May.

Managing the complexity of your Oracle Licensing Agreements

Oracle licensing is one of the greatest software investments you are likely to make – yet ITAM Review readers tell us Oracle is where you often experience mind-bending license complexity and the harshest of compliance risks.

We believe Oracle cannot have sustainable customer relationships based on “mystery and fear”, so join us at this FREE* seminar in New York on Thursday 29th January to find out how you can begin to put this right.

Attend this event for invaluable presentations from our expert industry speakers and take part in interactive workshops to define the agenda for change with Oracle.

Note: Chatham House rules apply: “participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.” source. Please also note that Oracle are NOT in attendance.


  • Who: The ITAM Review
  • What: Oracle Seminar
  • When: 9.30am – 4.30pm Friday, 15th May 2015
  • Where: Baruch College, New York
  • Cost: Free*

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Oracle Seminar Agenda

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Speakers & Sessions

Christof Beaupoil, President, Aspera Technologies Inc

Christof Beaupoil, President, Aspera Technologies Inc


Outwit, Outplay, Outlast: How to Survive the Oracle Odyssey

Navigating the legendary complexities of Oracle licensing and metrics can be like journeying through a bewildering maze—with intricate risks and hidden pitfalls galore.

You need to know exactly what you’re up against, and have an airtight plan of attack if you want to survive implementation and ultimately thrive in the Oracle environment.

This presentation will outline specific challenges and offer expert advice on successfully managing this daunting process. You’ll come away armed with a healthy dose of informed caution and the key insights to help you confidently begin your Oracle odyssey.

Christof Beaupoil, President, Aspera Technologies Inc

Co-founder of Aspera, Christof Beaupoil has over 13 years’ experience in software asset management for large organizations. He studied mechanical engineering and information technology at RWTH Aachen, one of the most prestigious universities in Germany, and is a certified ITIL Foundation and Licensing Specialist.

As the leader of projects and consulting, Christof has extensive knowledge about risk management, process design, project management, international/enterprise-wide roll-outs, and training. He has successfully led numerous projects for international corporations in the healthcare, chemical, telecommunications, manufacturing, automotive, insurance, banking, and financial industries.

Today, Christof is the President of Aspera Technologies Inc. in the USA and lives in Massachusetts. 

Craig Guarente, CEO and founder, Palisade Compliance

Craig Guarente, CEO and founder, Palisade Compliance


How to Develop an Oracle Defense Strategy

Oracle employs hundreds of people whose goal is to audit their customers. They plan, target, and execute these audits with unsurpassed efficiency.

Do you have any one person in your company whose sole responsibility is to plan and respond to Oracle audits?  Probably not.  “Chief Corporate Oracle Audit Defender” is not something you’ll see on a business plan.   However, every Oracle customer should have an Oracle audit plan they can use when Oracle sends out that audit letter.

In this session you will gain insight into the steps needed to defend your company from an Oracle audit.  Following these steps will result in both cost avoidance and cost savings.   

Covered topics include:

  • What is my Oracle audit risk
  • What to do now, before you have the audit letter from Oracle
  • What to do when you get the letter
  • How to manage the audit process
  • How to close out an audit

MCraig Guarente, CEO and founder, Palisade Compliance  

Craig is the CEO and founder of Palisade Compliance.  Since 2011 Palisade Compliance has provided Oracle licensing, contracting, and audit advisory services for clients looking to take back control of their Oracle relationship, achieve compliance, and save money.  Palisade is an independent company and not an Oracle reseller.  Before founding Palisade, Craig spent 16 years at Oracle. Craig was Oracle’s Global Vice President of Contracts, Business Practices, and Migration.  In addition to those roles, Craig also managed Oracle LMS (audit) teams and was the Global Process Owner of LMS and responsible for defining and implementing many of the practices used today by Oracle’s audit teams around the world.    Building on this experience Craig has developed an advisory services firm that helps his clients optimize their contracting policies and processes, establish long-term software management strategies, and negotiate more favorable software license agreements that serve to lower costs and reduce risk.

In addition to his work in the software industry, Craig is a thought leader in the areas of contract administration, negotiations, outsourcing, business process reengineering, and contract process automation. He has been an advisor to companies across the globe, helping them optimize and streamline their contracting policies, practices, and tools. He has been a featured speaker at conferences for groups such as the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM), where he once held a seat on the board of directors, and the International Business Software Managers Association (IBSMA). 


Delivering Oracle Licensing Cost Savings Through Effective Contract Negotiations

This presentation will address key issues unique to Oracle’s extraordinary licensing practices and help you to understand how Oracle has designed their complex terms.

Knowing how to identify key flaws and use them to your advantage will put you ahead of the game that Oracle ordinarily wins. We will also address what to do in an Oracle audit situation whether you’re compliant, non-compliant, or unsure of your license position. Specifically handling discussions of audits with Oracle reps, or the fall out of a negative Final Report and what steps are needed to be taken by the licensee in order to mitigate damages and limit penalties.

Ania Levy, founder, Levy LeGette

Levy LeGette, a consultancy operating in the IT Due Diligence field, has a unique focus on software licensing, negotiations, restructuring, optimization and contract portfolio management.

Ania Levy founded this practice within today’s second largest bank in the US. The results of her efforts yielded unprecedented contract control, risk remediation, improved commercial and legal terms, and materially significant cost savings.

Levy LeGette was founded 20 years ago in response to requests from peer enterprises as well as market demand for help within the software licensing practice area of IT Due Diligence. Levy LeGette has distinguished itself with a unique vendor-neutral, independent and specialized service that operates seamlessly with its clients’ operations creating materially significant impact to the client’s company’s bottom line.

Levy LeGette has expanded its operations and is now servicing clients in the UK and EMEA with an eye towards further expansion in the future.


Chief Strategy Officer / Co-Founder SLC Corporation

Ed Ramirez, Chief Strategy Officer / Co-Founder
SLC Corporation


Demystifying the Oracle relationship and the top 5 mistakes companies make when building or managing the Oracle relationship. 

Oracle is without question one of the top 5 mega IT vendors in the world. 

Oracle is considered the second most strategic vendor both by annual amounts customers spend with Oracle as well as by business reliance on Oracle technology.  It’s not easy for companies to terminate their relationship with Oracle and simply move to another vendor.  So with this said Oracle customers try to manage or develop a “good relationship” with Oracle.  In the process of doing this a series of mistakes are made which allow Oracle to gain the upper hand and the customer ends up at a disadvantage costing companies millions.

This session will review the top 5 mistakes customers make as well as review the top 5 best practices customers can implement to take control of the Oracle relationship.    

Ed Ramirez, Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder, SLC Corporation

Mr. Ramirez is the foremost Oracle Licensing Expert with progressive experience in managing and strategizing on large-scale Oracle negotiations with emphasis on cost reductions.  Areas of expertise include:  Project planning, strategy development, compliance resolutions, executive level discussions, and mastery of Oracle licensing options.

Mr. Ramirez brings more than 25 years of Oracle licensing experience to his clients’ projects.  Prior to becoming the Chief Strategy Officer at SLC, he worked for Oracle Corporation as the VP of Sales Mid America and Canada delivering over $94 million in new license sales to Oracle annually.  His role at Oracle provided him with a very unique skill set that only 5 individuals in the United States Oracle business unit possess.  As a founding member of SLC, Mr. Ramirez was the driving force behind the best of breed strategy focusing on Oracle only which led to 25% growth year over year.  Mr. Ramirez is referred to as the ultimate Oracle licensing expert.

Images from November 2014, London


Thanks to our Platinum Sponsor: Aspera

Thanks to our Platinum Sponsor: Aspera

Who Should Attend?

Baruch College, New York, NY 10010

Baruch College, New York, NY 10010

ITAM, SAM and IT procurement specialists

*This event is free to attend however cancellation charges apply.

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