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Podcast Episode 6: SAM at AstraZeneca – Winning friends and influencing people

In this episode hosts Martin Thompson and David Foxen talk about where ITAM should sit within a business and what key stakeholders are required to make ITAM successful with real-life examples and advice from guests who are currently actively doing ITAM in large organisations. Also discussed was the possibility of having an ITAM representative on the board of directors, and how this may or may not be possible in the future.

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Podcast guests

Rachel Ryan from AstraZeneca

Rory Canavan from SAM Charter

Agenda – Where should ITAM sit within the business?

  1. ITAM covers a number of different business elements, which ones would you consider are the most important? (IT, Finance, security etc)
  2. If you were to implement ITAM, where would you place ITAM?
  3. Why? (to the above question)
  4. What senior manager should be responsible for ITAM? IT, Finance?
  5. Finally, is there an argument that ITAM should be considered standalone and have it’s own department?

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