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SAP License and User Management Group Test – Brainware

This independent review is part of our SAP Tool Review.

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Executive Summary

Elevator Pitch Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration is a SAP license management solution from brainwaregroup. The solution helps users to effectively manage their SAP estate. Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration helps customers manage their SAP users, and identify the correct license types. It also helps the user identify inactive users to ensure that licenses are only allocated to those who are actively using SAP.
  • Efficient SAP Account Management
  • Detailed information and actions regarding SAP license costs optimisation
  • Core SAP application license management information is detailed, and provides usage stats
  • Simulated license feature allows you to see compliancy and costs if you made changes
  • No indirect usage management
  • Reports look complicated and hard to understand
  • GUI looks weaker than competitors
Primary Market Focus
  • Size: Mid to large Enterprise
  • Environment: SAP systems


Commercial Summary

Vendor brainwaregroup
Product Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration
Version Reviewed Spider Licence: 6.1 / SLC: Version 3.2
Date of version release Spider Licence: September 2014 / SLC: 21st July 2014
Year founded 1989 Brainware, 2001 SecurIntegration
Customers 250
Pricing structure Requires Spider Licence Enterprise (including Asset and Contract) to be installed first, then this module can be purchased for an additional cost (price based on your environment).
Competitive Differentiators
  • Simulated SAP licenses option
  • Provides support for Cloud based SAP applications (HANA)

Independent Review


One of the unique and key features of Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration is the simulated SAP license feature. This feature allows users to simulate different scenarios that relate to their SAP estate; giving the users the visibility on the potential risks, compliance and spend should the scenario play itself out in the future.

This feature will allow users to run a number of different scenarios, based on future projects or budget cuts for example. This will allow users to plan for future SAP licensing spend, or plan future IT budgets. It will also help organisations to see what future SAP compliance may look like if they followed certain routes.

Another crucial feature that we were keen on was the ability to manage SAP contracts throughout their lifecycle. Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration gives users the chance to manage SAP contracts from the point of procurement, right through to its expiry date. With Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration’s sophisticated and intelligent system; licenses are automatically allocated as per the SAP contract.

Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration provides usage statistics for SAP applications, so the user can ensure they exploit their SAP licenses. The usage stats provided include the dates and times the application has been used, how often the SAP application has been used and also average use times.

Having the ability to see which users use which SAP products can help the organisation make an informed decision on what type of SAP licenses users should have, thus providing the potential for cost savings and assisting with compliance. We feel that with this capability being within Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration users will have all of the required usage information to make informed decisions about what users should have which SAP license types, thus providing more visibility and a better understanding of their SAP estate.

With SAP moving certain applications to the Cloud, and introducing ‘Cloud Only’ applications such as HANA, it is of great value to organisations to be able to manage said cloud licenses. Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration does exactly that; enabling users to manage their cloud based applications and licenses. It is imperative that organisations have the ability to manage cloud-based applications and licenses to ensure that their whole SAP estate remains compliant.

The ITAM Review is encouraged by the fact that the solution can help users manage their cloud based SAP licenses, as many competitors are yet to incorporate this feature into their solutions.

The lack of indirect usage is something that will cause concern for anyone wanting a solution to manage SAP licenses. brainwaregroup’s competitors offer at least a basic solution for managing indirect usage, as it is vitally important to manage third party applications that access SAP programs. Indirect usage can end up making an organisation non-compliant and this could result in fines and a damaged reputation should the organisation be audited.

We believe that having a streamlined, easy to use, attractive user interface should be the focal point for any tool or solution. Having an effective, decent layout and view for a UI will help encourage use of the solution. If a tool is difficult to use, or looks complicated then users can be put off using the solution.

The ITAM Review feels as though Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration has an unappealing UI. Whilst the menu systems are interactive (as are all of its competitors), it looks like a sophisticated spread sheet rather than an ITAM tool. Reporting is weaker than competitors in this review, when you want a brief overview on compliancy or costs, users want attractive graphs that provide a brief overview of their estate.

To fully make the most of this solution, we feel you need to have the “SLC Plugin: SAP Engines” (explained later in this review). This plug-in provides a number of features that can help manage SAP licenses, such as:

  • SAP Engines that are modelled within SLC
  • Data is automatically generated by SLC and doesn‘t need to be manually entered
  • License descriptions of SAP services for used engines are been accessed directly and displayed within the product
  • Overview and comparison of SAP price lists
  • Automated determination of real Engine usage for measurement during an analysis project

Competitive solutions offer a number of the plug-in features as part of the standard solution, out-of-the-box. Brainware decided to market their SAP solution in such a way that customers do not pay for functionality they do not use. Prospective customers will need to factor in this additional cost of ownership in their product selection calculations.


SAP Licence Management

Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration provides users with a comprehensive set of features to help manage their SAP licenses.

The solution aligns the user’s SAP contract so that the assignment of the correct license type can be automated. SLC transfers this information from a central point, automatically, to all of the connected SAP systems. Data from different systems can be cross references to ensure accuracy.

SLC facilitates an up-to-date overview of the distribution and the development of any used licenses along with utilisation of the license portfolio at any time. The result is extremely useful for SAM Managers and SAP License Managers as it provides legal compliance and cost optimisation data. Along with the ability to view compliance and cost data, the solution also helps automatically allocate SAP licences, based on the inactive/duplicate user information and the SAP contract information. This in turn helps to prevent unnecessary licence purchases, thus hopefully saving the organisation money on their SAP licenses.


Managing SAP Users


Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration automatically detects inactive SAP users and displays information about such users. Unused licenses are identified and automatically re-allocated and can be displayed within Spider Licence.


Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration provides a comprehensive User Consolidation function within the solution.

License types for users

Based on the user information, Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration examines the user’s behaviour in the form of a user analysis and determines the actual use of the allocated licenses. License contract information and license values are stored in the system and used to assign the appropriate type of license. Assignment of new licence types to SAP


Indirect Usage

Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration does not automatically track Indirect Usage.

It is possible to track indirect user within Spider but this is a manual process.


In Summary

The ITAM Review believes that Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration is a strong offering for SAP license and user management. Furthermore, we believe that the solution is also on par with its competitors in managing SAP contracts. We really liked the SAP license simulation feature, and believe this to be a strong selling point for the solution. Management of Indirect Usage, user experience and reporting leaves it behind competitors.


In Their Own Words

“Spider Licence for SAP powered by SecurIntegration helps you centrally manage your SAP licensing in one solution designed for enterprise contract and licence management, whilst still delivering the benefits and optimisation of a best in class point product. SecurIntegration’s SLC solution delivers the data, whilst Spider Licence for SAP provides SAM Managers, CIOs and business decision makers with a familiar centralised interface from which to consume the data.

Use SAP systems in accordance with the current licence contract

SLC analyses the user behaviour of the SAP user through centrally stored contractual rules and compares it with the user authorisations in the contract. Even new licence types, special users and exceptions can be individually mapped in the SLC contractual rule.

SLC facilitates an effective overview of the central questions:

  • Which employees have an account in which SAP system and with which type of licence?
  • Which licence type does the employee really need?

SLC as a necessary addition to the LAW

Mapping SAP contract information in SLC and automated alignment with the SAP accounts
Consideration of new licence types, special users and exceptions
Information on the concrete number of required licences
Updated compliance check with the push of a button

Ascertainment of the actual SAP use

Comprehensive mapping and assignment of SAP accounts to employees
Recognition and elimination of unused licences
Alignment of user behaviour with current licence type
Assignment of licence types based on the performed transactions

Continuous optimisation

Automated workflow for licence allocation
Simple, standardised system measurement process
Prevention of unnecessary subsequent licence purchases
Trend analysis


SAP Engines are completely modelled in SLC
Results are automatically generated by SLC and don‘t need to be manually estimated
Automated determination of real engine usage for measurement during an analysis project”


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