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ITAM tools customer satisfaction scores – SPRING ’15 UPDATE

I am pleased to publish an updated list of customer satisfaction scores. This follows our previous table back in January.

Please Note: This is not a one-off exercise. We will continually collect satisfaction scores. So please help your ITAM industry peers make smarter tool buying decisions by taking a few minutes to submit your own review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Our company does not allow this – can it be anonymous? [Yes, we need to validate your identity to ensure we don’t publish spoof reviews, but the actual results published can be completely anonymous]
  • Q. I don’t want any kick-back from my tool vendor – Are my details shared with the tool vendor? [No, never]

Customer Satisfaction Scores – Spring 2015 Update

ITAM Tools Customer Satisfaction Scores - Spring 2015 Update


Spring ’15 Update Notes

  • A total of 86 end user reviews have been validated. 66 were used to build the table above, 20 were not suitable for not meeting the minimum number of reviews per tool manufacturer – see list below.
  • * – All Sassafras references came from customers in the education sector. For balance it would be good to see a mixture of public and private sector customers submitting reviews in the future.

Tool vendors with less than five reviews (the minimum for a table listing): 

  • 1E AppClarity 1
  • BMC Remedy 1
  • CA SAM 1
  • Certero Asset Studio 1
  • Dell Asset Manager 2
  • eTelligent 1
  • Cherwell / Express Metrix 2
  • FrontRange 1
  • IBM Tivoli 1
  • License Dashboard 4
  • Marimba 1
  • Miss Marple 1
  • Novell Zenworks 1
  • Symantec Altiris 1



As mentioned above, this is not a one-off exercise. We will continually collect customer satisfaction scores. We are building a permanent home for customer satisfaction scores which will be launched later in the year. TOOLS ADVISOR will be a blend of analyst reviews, customer satisfaction scores and lab tests. Think TripAdvisor (TM) meets Enterprise Software.

Preview Screenshots of TOOLS ADVISOR: 


A dedicated directory for Tool Selection. Blending Analyst scores, customer satisfaction ratings and in-depth lab tests.



Everything you need for Tool Selection at your fingertips.



Browse validated customer satisfaction scores from real customers.



Analyst opinion alongside customer satisfaction ratings including strengths and weaknesses.


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