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Campaign for Clear Licensing Progress Report – Dialogue with European Parliament

This is a quick update on progress with the Campaign for Clear Licensing.

CCL joins forces with FIE

Firstly, I am very pleased to announce a strategic alliance between the Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) and Free ICT Europe.

CCL (a not for profit providing an independent voice for software buyers) has joined forces with Free ICT Europe (a not for profit promoting the secondary ICT market within Europe).

The Free ICT Europe mandate:

“From addressing restrictive practices undertaken by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to promoting serviceability, common standards for reuse and resale of equipment & software and achieving contract transparency to protect end users against unfair business practices.” >>> more here

With a joint focus on transparency and openness in ICT procurement and business models – we’re excited to be working together as a united force.

A voice in Europe

Free ICT Europe and CCL visited representatives from the European Parliament last week to begin the long journey of raising awareness with EU policy makers.

We’re pleased to say that European representatives were open to an independent voice and keen to see further ideas from our collective.

Many bodies and organizations may wish to influence EU decision-making, including IT suppliers with very deep pockets. We’re proud to provide an independent view of the IT industry with a focus on fair competition and openness.

Focus areas:

  • IP needs to be modernized to reflect new technology, innovation and collaborative business models and ways of working
  • Buyers of ICT need to be treated fairly and have access to the information they need
  • Secondary market boundaries need to be clearly defined and protected
  • European IT start-ups need support and IP frameworks to grow and compete – Being bought by a US company or worse still moving to Silicon Valley to compete should not be primary growth options
  • In a modern economy underpinned by IT and new generations being actively encouraged to code – The ICT market needs clear guidelines on how to create, protect, grow and consume IP. This is not about barriers or restrictions but rather encouraging opportunities and competition.
  • Abusive and non-proportionate vertical restraints set up by OEMs are removed.
  • Serviceability is included as a key feature of the Digital Agenda.
  • Common standards for re-use and resale of equipment and software, including license transfers, are developed to increase the re-use of ICT equipment, parts and software.
  • Contract transparency is provided for in legislation to protect end users against unfair business practices.
Outside European Parliament in Brussels

Outside European Parliament in Brussels

Left to Right – Christina van Oostrum, Jan Hoogstrate, Hannah Connaghan, Tomas O’Leary, and Martin Thompson.

Stay tuned to the Campaign for Clear Licensing newsletter for updates on our progress with the European Commission and further research updates.

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