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Podcast: Managing Microsoft in the Datacentre


Managing Microsoft within the Datacentre

This is the second in the series of podcasts on Microsoft Licensing.

In this Podcast we are joined by 3 professionals who will be sharing their knowledge and experience with regards to tackling Microsoft Licensing in the Datacentre:

During this Podcast we will be covering:

  • Where should I start with Microsoft Data Centre?
  • Entitlements and roles of servers
  • How to get a good visibility of Microsoft
  • Where do I look for license rights/ product use rights?
  • How and where can I save money within the Datacentre?
  • Where is the SAM market leading with regards to managing Datacentre and Hybrid environments (AWS, Azure etc)
  • How do I keep on top of things?

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The ITAM Review Microsoft Licensing Seminar;

If our previous Oracle, IBM and SAP seminars are anything to go by, this event will be an information packed day that will help you understand and manage your Microsoft Licenses better, and understand the best forms of defence against audits. This is your chance to ask the experts any Microsoft related question you have, free of charge under Chatham House rules!

We’d also like to invite all delegates of this event to take advantage of a free 12 Box model assessment – a unique service from The ITAM Review to independently assess the maturity of your SAM practice. Click here for more information.

So join us in New York on 21st October. It’s free!

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