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Call for participants – ITAM Review researches the growing SaaS Management Market

SaaS Management is the process by which ITAM techniques are used to discover, track, control, and optimise subscriptions made to Software-as-a-Service applications. Most ITAM tool providers have included some functionality to do this for a number of years, typically focused on enterprise SaaS applications such as Salesforce or Office 365. However, with tens of thousands of SaaS apps in use by companies worldwide, further innovation is required in order to get a full picture of SaaS usage.

Since 2016 there has been rapid growth in new entrants to this market, usually solely focused on SaaS management rather than on on-premises perpetually-licensed software. This has gone hand in hand with a growth in SaaS usage in SMBs. Since 2014 SaaS Management vendor Blissfully report over 5% monthly growth in paid subscriptions.

2018 has already seen two acquisitions of SaaS Management startups so clearly this is an area of importance to incumbent ITAM tool providers. With SaaS spending expected to grow to almost $100bn by 2020 there is an opportunity for vendors and ITAM professionals which requires tooling now. For the incumbents this is an opportunity to differentiate their product offerings and drive innovation and savings for their users. SaaS Optimisation tool vendors typically report 30% of SaaS spending wastage so that’s $30bn of annual savings ITAM tool and managed service providers can unlock for their customers.

Call for Participation

In response to market growth and innovation The ITAM Review are conducting research with the aim of providing readers with the knowledge needed to select the correct tool for their use case. We will publish a series of articles on this topic, starting with a look at discovery techniques and culminating with a “state of the market” group test.  This test will be free to participate in and will also be published free. In order to participate vendors will be selected in part based on listings on the ITAM Review Marketplace. If you would like a listing please contact us.

I’m interested in hearing how our readers are approaching SaaS Management at present, and what innovations you’d like to see tool vendors provide. If you’re a vendor I’m also interested in talking to you about your products and where you see the market going. Follow up in the comments, complete the form, email me at, or contact me on LinkedIn

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