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2019 ITAM Salary and Skills Survey – The Results

  • ITAM Global average salary shoots up 15% in two years
  • Skills shortage worsened since 2017
  • Can ISO organisational certification deliver the credibility required for increased CXO exposure?


Thanks to everyone that participated in our 2019 Salary and Skills Survey. I shared the results of the survey at our Wisdom conference at Twickenham Rugby Stadium this week. The video below is a digital version of the presentation. The slide deck used in the session is also included below for reference. This survey was kindly sponsored by Livingstone Technologies.

265 ITAM Professionals from the ITAM Review newsletter participated. 27 countries were represented and results were collected from March to May 2019.

Key Findings at a glance

  • The ITAM Skills shortage has worsened since 2017 (It’s taking longer to hire, more organisations are hiring, the global average salary has risen by 15% to £72K GBP in just two years)
  • A significant gender gap exists, the 18-24 age gap is very sparse, new blood is required
  • SAM and Licensing Skills are most in demand, Cloud skills are key to salary growth
  • Reporting and Analysis, Working with Stakeholders and Licensing Expertise – highest rated current skills, Audit defence, Tool administration and Project Management – lowest rated current skills
  • Cloud administration and management is the highest sought-after skill for 2020, followed by big4 vendor licensing expertise, ITAM/SAM best practice, and other licensing expertise.
  • The growing seniority and influence of the ITAM profession (CXO reports 17% in 2011, up to 37% in 2018) means greater scrutiny of our practice and results. ISO organisational certification can provide the increased credibility required to demonstrate results at CXO level, the business value for certification can be based on internal and external validation
  • ITAM Review Mission: To make ITAM as prevalent or ubiquitous as Accounting or Finance, a de facto function. Many resources are planned to help us reach that goal.


Video Agenda:

  • Skills & Salary
  • Career Growth opportunities
  • Team size and credibility
  • ITAM future direction

Matt Fisher of Livingstone Technologies, sponsors of this research commented:

“On behalf of Livingstone, we are very proud to have supported this important research which shows progress is being made towards gender equality and increased recognition for SAM professionals around the world.   It also shows how the SAM world is changing, with confirmation that cloud and data center skills are becoming  increasingly important.

 It’s not surprising to us that the top-ranked SAM skills were found to be ‘Reporting & Analysis’ and ‘Working with Stakeholders’.  Indeed, Livingstone agrees that this should be a prime focus of internal SAM teams as they concentrate on making data and insight available to a wider group of stakeholders across the business.  We believe that skills such as licensing expertise, data processing and managing activities such as audit defense can increasingly be outsourced to (or augmented by) dedicated service providers that can afford to have such skills permanently on staff in a way that most end user organizations cannot.  That allows in-house SAM teams to not only run lean without feeling short-staffed, but also to concentrate on selling the value of SAM rather than being stuck at the coalface of tools administration. 

We look forward to reflecting further on the results in the coming weeks, but would like to thank everyone that took part in this important exercise.” 

This survey has been kindly sponsored by Livingstone Technologies.

Slide deck

The slide deck used for this video is here:

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He is also the author of the book "Practical ITAM - The essential guide for IT Asset Managers", a book that describes how to get started and make a difference in the field of IT Asset Management. In addition, Martin developed the PITAM training course and certification.

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