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Wisdom Australia 2019 Speaker Spotlight: Adobe, audits, and Steve Zissou

This is the seventh “speaker spotlight” article for Wisdom Australia 2019 – a chance for you to see some of the wonderful speakers and sessions we’ve got in store for you this November in Melbourne.

Wes Lewis, Founder, Look LicensingJoining me this time is Wes Lewis, founder of Look Licensing.

What is your session called?

My Life as an Adobe Auditor

What is your session about?

My session is about my experience as a “License Management Consultant” at Adobe. Adobe conducts regular audits of customers, and also has several programs in place to combat piracy of their software. In this session I’ll give an overview of Adobe’s audit practices, and portfolio of anti-piracy programs.

How did you get started in ITAM?

I got an internship for a LAR out of college, and it stuck! Working for SoftwareONE during a period of rapid growth was fun and exciting and gave me exposure to a lot of facets of this niche we’re all in!

How would you describe what your company does?

I founded Look Licensing to be a resource to those who find the responsibility of License Management falling onto their plate. I believe that most people who need to work with licensing are more than capable of figuring it all out, but too often just don’t have the time. So basically, I’m hoping to freely give advice, tools, and resources to IT folks via my website, and then if that sort of thing isn’t quite enough, and they need some extra help, they can hire me to help out!

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I love the bleeding edge in any industry, weather that be new scientific breakthroughs, new gadgets, or even new developments in ITAM!
With that in mind, I’m really excited about the position ITAM is in as the world becomes more and more data driven. We gather a LOT Of data in our roles, and I think the future will give us the chance to leverage this data in new ways that we have not traditionally used it for.

What topics should delegates ask you about in Melbourne?

  • Adobe licensing
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Audit Process
  • Adobe Organisation

What one thing would improve the ITAM industry?

Better use of the data available

What’s your favourite movie?

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Adobe is used by a large number of organisations and I think understanding more about their audit practices will be interesting for many of our attendees to hear.

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Rich has been in the world of IT and software licensing since 2003, having been a software sales manager for a VAR, a Microsoft licensing endorsed trainer, and now an ITAM analyst looking at software licensing and cloud.

A Northerner renowned for his shirts, Rich is a big Hip-Hop head, and loves travel, football in general (specifically MUFC), baseball, Marvel, and reading as many books as possible. Finding ways to combine all of these with ITAM & software licensing is always fun!

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  1. John Hallas says:

    Based in the UK so not attending but my question would be “Why cannot Adobe provide information on when a product was last used by a registered subscriber with their portal”. It is very easy to add users to the Adobe subsription model but difficult to identify when they can be removed. I suspect this is intentional on Adobe’s behalf.

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