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ITAM Review IaaS Cloud Tool Review Criteria

IaaS cloud tools are an area of growing interest to many ITAM managers. Managing cloud resources, and the associated spend, is a complicated task – with many environments spanning several cloud providers and 1000’s of services across global locations. Due to the sheer scale of cloud computing, a tool can quickly become a critical necessity for mature IaaS cloud management. While the exact ways in which cloud is used will differ from company to company, we have worked to define a key set of criteria against which IaaS management tools can be judged. These are:


  • Does it manage Azure?
  • Does it manage AWS?
  • Does it manage GCP?
  • Does it manage Alibaba?
  • Other?

Cost Savings

  • Does it recommend right sizing of VMs?
  • Does it recommend shutdown?
  • Does it recommend when things should be on Reserved Instances (RIs)?
  • Does it manage Reserved Instances recommendations?
  • Does it manage Reserved Instances purchasing?
  • Does it detect unused Reserved Instances?
  • Can it recommend Spot Instances?


  • Can it report on BYOL?
  • Does it manage containers?
  • Does it manage functions?
  • Does it manage serverless?
  • Does it detect orphaned storage?
  • Can it manage Spot Instances?


  • Does it manage on-premises assets?
  • Can it track and manage Microsoft Windows Server Azure Hybrid Benefits?
  • Can it track and manage Microsoft SQL Server Azure Hybrid Benefits?
  • Can it forecast costs of moving to cloud?
  • Can it do application dependency mapping?


  • Can cloud policies be created and applied?
  • Can policies be automated?
  • Can it track tags?
  • Can it enforce tags?
  • Can it restrict access to resources based on policies?


  • Can you set budgets?
  • Does it track spend against budget?
  • Does it forecast spend?
  • Can costs be aggregated across multiple cloud providers?
  • Can you do Showback?
  • Can you do Chargeback?
  • Can it do cloud cost comparison?

Business Intelligence

  • Can you create customizable dashboards?
  • Can you view data based on different roles?
  • Can you share data based on different roles?

Pricing & licensing

  • How is the tool licensed?
  • How is the tool priced?

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