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ITAM by SHI Services

The ITAM team at SHI is comprised of 80+ ITAM SMEs and includes licensing consultants for all major publishers, former auditors, specialized systems engineers and data quality experts.


SHI offers end-to-end ITAM services, dedicated account teams, industry-leading tools and proven practices to help customers remain compliant and ensure their IT portfolio is always fully optimized.  SHI’s breadth of ITAM services include O365 Optimization, SaaS Management, Managed Services, Cloud Optimization, Sustainable IT, and Audit Defense.


Name: ITAM by SHI Services

Application Category: Managed Services

Author: AJ Witt

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IT Asset Management Services from SHI

SHI, founded in 1989, are one of the largest independent IT Solutions Provider in the US, with a worldwide presence and over 6,000 employees. Revenue in 2022 was $14bn. SHI is privately owned and is the largest Minority/Woman Owned Business (MWBE) in the US.


Alongside IT Solutions SHI is also hardware and software reseller. However, SHI’s ITAM Services are fully independent of the sales organization, ensuring that there is no conflict of interest. This separation is rightly important to any organization looking to purchase ITAM Managed Services from a software or hardware reseller.


SHI offer one of the broadest and most comprehensive ITAM Services in the market. These services include:


  • SAM Managed Services
  • Audit Management
  • SaaS & IaaS Services
  • Process Consulting
  • Sustainability Solutions


Additionally, SHI provide a hosted Asset Management Platform for customers and employ over 80 subject matter experts worldwide. Whilst predominately based in and servicing the North American market SHI also has regional offices and locations in the UK, EU, and Asia-Pacific, enabling worldwide deliver of ITAM Services.


Service Offering and Grouping


SHI group their ITAM Services offering into three categories.


SHI ITAM Managed Services


In recent years SHI have revised and added to their Managed Services portfolio, leading the field in areas such as Sustainability Solutions. The full portfolio means that they can respond to customer requirements quickly and serve as a “one stop shop” for many customers.


SHI’s approach to tooling is fully agnostic, meaning they can provide a solution or integrate with a customer’s existing toolsets. This is important in delivering rapid ROI as discovery and inventory is often the biggest barrier to an ITAM project.

Service Highlights


Featured Vendor Advisory


For many organizations much of their SAM risk is concentrated in a few large publishers. SHI have extensive expertise in managing software from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and SAP, ensuring that their customers remain compliant and reducing audit risks. Furthermore, the Optimized License Position service dovetails with this service to ensure that costs are optimized too.


Sustainability Solutions


SHI are a leader in this emerging focus area for ITAM teams. They provide enhanced and enriched discovery and inventory data which uncovers metrics important to sustainability such as power consumption and performance efficiency. This can help customers target workloads on aging servers for migration to new hardware or the cloud, providing an additional layer of justification to digital transformation projects. Additionally, SHI provide optimization services for retained on-premises servers and can also provide for reporting an organization’s Scope emissions.


Audit Management


Audits remain a fact of life for organizations large and small. As every ITAM manager knows they are costly beyond the settlement costs in terms of time and focus lost from other activities. SHI’s team of experts enable customers to navigate audits without dragging internal resources away from key projects and deliverables.


Cloud and SaaS Services


If there is one certainty in IT at present it’s that public cloud and SaaS spending is increasing. 2023 has seen price rises across the board so it’s vital that companies get a grip on their cloud spending. SHI offer three tiers of SaaS Management, unlocking visibility, providing licensing advice, and optimizing spend and risk. Additionally, they provide a dedicated service for managing and optimizing Microsoft/Office 365, which will be welcomed by those customers with extensive Microsoft estates.




SHI’s suite of ITAM Services is comprehensive and mature. The independence of their solutions, backed by an organization with the scale to deliver worldwide, will be welcome to customers. It’s particularly pleasing to see how they are investing in the next generation of ITAM professionals and that their service offering is expanding to meet exciting new opportunities such as Sustainable IT.





“SHI’s ITAM services are designed to meet our specific business needs, and have consistently delivered value while mitigating risk to our enterprise.”

John T. Muller,
Quest Diagnostics,

Sr. Manager – IT Asset Management


Reference 2:

“ITAM by SHI is a intuitive and comprehensive service supported by a professional team of skilled individuals each with unique contributions, the result of their work are accessible via a state of the art web portal with power drill down capability for detail research and review. Well worth the investment”

Reference 3:

“As a software reseller a partnership with SHI for SAM could have had the potential that some information uncovered could become a sales opportunity. SHI offered to have in our contract a privacy clause so that their sales team could not access the information, which gave us even greater comfort.”

Reference 4:

“In additional to the Managed Service we also take advantage of advice offered when we are looking at new initiatives, to ensure we have the correct and most efficient licensing model. Whilst running their discovery tools information is also picked up for vendors that are not part of our Manage Service agreement we are able to use this information to look after the smaller, less complex vendors ourselves.”

Reference 5:

“The SHI team quickly established themselves as a critical element of (our) team, providing significant expertise and quality deliverables. At all times, SHI focused on (our) needs and interests.”

Reference 6:

”I have to admit I never thought we needed audit services. I was 100% proven wrong. We could never have escaped these audits and major findings without the assistance of the SHI Audit Defense team.”

Company Details


Somerset, Franklin Township
New Jersey
United States


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