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Beamy guarantees a global approach to SaaS Governance to support large companies managing their decentralised IT and works with a broad range of major players such as LVMH, BNP Paribas, Engie, Macif and Gameloft.

The massive adoption of SaaS apps by Business Units without the knowledge of the IT department is significantly undermining the IT infrastructure of large groups. Traditional organisations need to find the balance between the inevitable technological autonomy offered to business teams, and a strong governance framework that limits risk and enables cost optimisation.

Thanks to its innovative technology, Beamy provides a SaaS governance platform that can be used to detect and control the entire SaaS environment of its clients to eliminate Shadow IT. In this way, Beamy can help large organisations regain control of this parallel IT and rebuild effective governance so that Business Units can expand their digitalisation through SaaS within the context of a defined framework.


Name: Beamy

Application Category: SaaS Management


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