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Author: Paul Sheehan


  • ITAM and the career path to CIO

    The career path to CIO: “Think about value added decisions that can be made as a result of ITAM data – where else in the enterprise might the data we’re discovering allow the business to make smarter choices?” Back in March of last year I wrote of the Skills...

  • The ITAM Consultant – Skills and Experience

    Motivated Evangelist, Practical Fixer or Control Freak? What have you got in your ITAM toolkit? I receive quite a few ITAM related CVs across my desk in the average week, so I thought I would share what I consider to be the most redeeming qualities for ITAM professionals and how those...

  • Does your Outsourcer really know SAM?

    "Software Asset Management (SAM) may be a small line item within a huge all-encompassing contract" Outsourcers are a major part of the IT landscape. Third party service providers and integrators are responsible for managing a large proportion of public and private sector...

  • Who do you trust?

    Editors Note: I’ve known Paul Sheehan for over a decade. He is a forthright, well-respected and experienced SAM practitioner and I’m pleased that I’ve finally convinced him to step out of the shadows to share his experience with the ITAM Review community. In this first article...

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