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Rich Gibbons

Microsoft Licensing Expert

Rich has been in the world of software licensing since 2003, and genuinely loves talking about it! He spent 12 years at a Microsoft channel partner, helping organisations select the best licensing agreements and make the most of their investments – and training internal sales teams.

His deep knowledge of Microsoft licensing, for both products and agreements, means his training can cover a wide range of topics that will help organisations every day. 

On-Demand ITAM for IaaS Training Course from LISA by The ITAM Review

Our learning modules will not only share best practice and cloud management theory but will also build upon the real-life experiences of others in our community, so you’ll learn what to do, from people who have done it already.

The ITAM for Iaas Training Course will grow with new technologies, trends, and vendors – as things advance, we will aim to create new content, that’s relevant to you, as fast as possible.

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