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Reviews and Scoring

Marketplace combines expert analyst reviews and customer satisfaction ratings. Reviews and scoring for Marketplace listings are explained below.

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All reviews on Marketplace are ranked by customer satisfaction.


Our customer satisfaction score is simply an un-weighted aggregate of five elements:


  • Customer service / responsiveness of the supplier – how do you rate their customer service, did they respond in a timely manner?
  • Value for Money – did you get good bang for your buck by investing in this supplier?
  • Customer Support – How does the supplier perform in addressing your support issues?
  • Satisfaction – overall how satisfied are you with the supplier
  • Net Promoter Score – how likely is it that you would recommend this supplier to a friend or colleague?

Good, honest feedback


Glowing 5-star ratings with no substance or derogatory reviews with no constructive feedback are not helpful to buyers. We prefer good, honest feedback with a good summary of strengths and weaknesses so prospective buyers can make the right choice. We reserve the right to reject reviews.

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reviews and scoring

Verification Process

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