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  • IBM IASP: The good, the bad, and the ugly

    This article “IBM IASP: The good, the bad, and the ugly” was submitted by Eric Chiu, Managing Director, Fisher ITS Image by Daniel Nebreda from Pixabay The IBM Authorised SAM Provider (IASP) programme first came to my attention at the beginning of 2020, back before the...

  • IBM IASP – a new dawn for IBM licensing compliance?

    IBM have announced a new, nicer, approach to license compliance – via the IBM Authorized SAM Provider Offering (IASP). What is IASP? Well, if you search online, the internet will tell you it is an “independent auxillary storage pool” – made by IBM. It seems we’ve got...

  • IBM Mainframe licensing changes: what’s old is new

    Some of you may be surprised to learn that IBM mainframes are still a thing, while others will still have them as a key part of your infrastructure. In fact, according to Datacenter Knowledge, IBM mainframe sales increased 70% in 2017/18! Perhaps to continue this increase in sales...

  • IBM Licensing Essentials training added to LISA

    I’m pleased to announce that our IBM Licensing Essentials training course is now live and available to LISA subscribers. LISA is our on-demand online training from The ITAM Review. Eric Chiu delivering our on-demand IBM Licensing Essentials course on the LISA platform The IBM Licensing...

  • Beginner’s guide to IBM software audits

    Eric Chiu is our go to guy on IBM licensing. In this video I picked his brains on IBM software audits. Subjects covered: Who starts an IBM audit? IBM audit activity levels and key targets IBM sub-capacity – the low hanging fruit for IBM revenue What is sub-capacity? IBM License...

  • How IBM customers get caught out with licensing

     Eric Chiu of HW Fisher tells us how IBM customers get caught out with IBM licensing and audits, the recent changes to IBM’s passport advantage impacting customers and a preview of his upcoming sessions at the IBM & SAP seminars in London and New York.  

  • Assessment Criteria: IBM Feature and Product Review

    In September of this year, we will be kicking off a special feature dedicated to IBM Licensing and IBM License Management. The feature will include guides, opinion as well as reviews of SAM products suitable for managing IBM licensing. Overview This will be our fifth deep dive feature...

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